pineapple and sausage pizza sound great rn

Anonymous: your face is so nice to look at.

the feeling is mutual 

ok usually sneezing feels good but ive been sneezing all day and i feel like shit


the saddest part of The Fault In Our Stars was definitely when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up into the tube thing

uhhhthena: HAHA what..I'm not creepy. Nothing just eating pizza rn lol. What about you?

LMAO Ive been eating so much pizzaz. but honestly now I think I’m gonna look for food cause im also hungry hahaha

Anonymous: Bruuuuh. I've been following you for so long. I've had three blogs and 4-5 years later, I'm still with you. I remember your tumblr prom video xD that's what got me to follow you.

Haha omg that video is forbidden now, everytime someone brings it up I’m just like “nope that wasn’t me”

oheyitshelen: Your videos always are so great and always put a smile on my face so thank you for them! I hope you have time to make new ones more often (:

Thank you! :) and although I’m not a consistent vlogger and dont put out vids often I hope I can start getting into the habit of that

Anonymous: I have seriously been following you since the 8th grade now I'm a junior omg

Haha crazy 😂